How to customize a domain

2018-09-19 08:58:00

In order to make it easier for ZenTao Cloud users, custom domains have been added. All ZenTao Cloud users can bind their domain names to second-level domains on ZenTao Cloud.

First, users point their DNS to the second-level domains or the IP address on ZenTao Cloud. For example, point  to

It is recommended to use CNAME to point your custom domain name to the second-level domain you purchased from ZenTao Cloud. If the IP address of your second-level domain onZenTao Cloud changes, the custom domain would automatically point to the new IP address. Therefore, it can be avoided that the custom domain is not updated to the new IP in time due to the change of the IP on ZenTao Cloud.

(Note: CNAME, aka alias record, allows you to map multiple names to the same computer, typically pointing a CNAME to A of a website. When the IP address of your server changes, you don't have to bother with changing the pointing one by one. Simply change the domain name that is recorded in A, and the pointing of other domains that are aliased will automatically point to the new IP address.

Once you customize the domain, it will be reviewed within one business day.


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