ZenTao vs. Jira 4 : bug tracking and reporting

2018-04-05 10:59:00

What is a bug tracking tool?

Bug tracking tool helps software developement teams capture, record and track bugs. It's important that team members can find and record bugs. What is more important, bugs can be assigned to the right team member to fix and solve at the right time. A great bug tracking software gives a whole view of all items in the backlog, no matter whether it is a bug or a task related to a new feature that is under developing. "Having a single source of truth of all issue types helps teams prioritize against their big picture goals, while continually delivering value to their customers."


In 2003, Jira was built to track and manage bugs in software development. Since then, it has expanded to help teams plan and track all aspects of the software development cycle. From backlog grooming to release management, Jira Software was designed to be the connective tissue for your software team.


ZenTao team have been doing bug management since 2004. It was the very popular BugFree, and more features have been added, such as product management and QA management, so it is more inclusive now and has a new brand name, ZenTao , since 2010. It could be said that ZenTao is designed around bug tracking and integrated seamless with the whole project management. It is All Lifecycle Management.

Now you've known what a bug tracking tool is, let's see the bug reporting in the two systems.

In ZenTao, the basic bug workflow is illustrated in the flow chart. If you want to know more, go to Chapter 6.10 Report a Bug.

In Jira, issue is used. An issue is an item in the project that you want to represent. It could be a task, a helpdesk, a ticket, or anything you want it to present. It surely can represent a bug. Therefore, the concept of bug tracking is not so muchemphasized in Jira.

Jira allows the customization of bug wokflows based on users' needs. Users can adjust and modify your flow so that user can track the issues from beginning to end based on their own processes.


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