3904   2020-07-31

ZenTao Biz 4.0 is released!

ZenTao Biz 4.0 is released! This release is to fix bugs and to integrate the latest version of the Flow feature in Zdoo,...
2165   2020-07-31

ZenTao Pro 8.9 is released

ZenTao Pro 8.9 is released. It is to synchronize with the open source version 12.4.stable features.
51Testing, a software testing service provider, released the 13th Survey on the Current Situation Software Testing Indus...
ZenTao Enterprise 3.7 is released! The customized workflow feature is much enhanced.
1345   2020-04-02

ZenTao Pro 8.8 is released

ZenTao Pro 8.8 is released, which is mainly to be synchronized with the open-source version 12.2 features, fix bugs, and...