Zentao Cloud has been released!

2017-05-24 16:28:00

ZenTao Cloud, as a stunning project management software, will be known to the world because of its powerful features and high efficiency. In the past seven years, ZenTao has witnessed the growth to over 15,000 users who are crazy about it.

ZenTao Cloud, based on international popular agile project management method-scrum, integrates bug management, test case management, release management and document management, which cover fully entire life cycle of software development. More importantly, products, projects and tests are distinguished definitely in ZenTao. Product researchers, development teams and testers are independent but cooperate and restrict mutually. Finally, highly qualified products are made by ideal match among requirements, tasks and bugs. This is the design philosophy of ZenTao project management software.

ZenTao international version(https://saas.zentao.pm) has been developed for users all over the world. Feel free to try it and email us if you want more information of ZenTao Cloud.

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