55   2021-04-07

ZenTao 15.0.rc1 is released

Hello, everyone! Since the day ZenTao version 15.0 was projected, it has been released several times internally. With mo...
477   2020-12-08

ZenTao Biz 4.1.1 is released

ZenTao Biz 4.1.1 is released! About ZenTao BizBased on ZenTao Pro features, ZenTao Biz features are DevOps...
314   2020-12-08

ZenTao Pro 9.0.1 is released

ZenTao Pro 9.0.1 is released.ZenTao Pro is an enhanced version of ZenTao Open Source. The intention of developi...
ZenTao Biz 4.0.2 is released! It is the right solution to replace saas project management tools.
441   2020-09-22

ZenTao Pro 8.9.2 is released!

ZenTao Pro 8.9.2 is released. It is an alternative to