1447   2021-04-21

ZenTao Biz 5.0.rc1 is released

ZenTao Biz 5.0.rc1 is released! ZenTao Biz features are DevOps management(OPS), OA office management, feedback managemen...
1224   2021-04-07

ZenTao 15.0.rc1 is released

Hello, everyone! Since the day ZenTao version 15.0 was projected, it has been released several times internally. With mo...
3092   2020-12-08

ZenTao Biz 4.1.1 is released

ZenTao Biz 4.1.1 is released! About ZenTao BizBased on ZenTao Pro features, ZenTao Biz features are DevOps...
1737   2020-12-08

ZenTao Pro 9.0.1 is released

ZenTao Pro 9.0.1 is released.ZenTao Pro is an enhanced version of ZenTao Open Source. The intention of developi...
3605   2020-07-31

ZenTao Biz 4.0 is released!

ZenTao Biz 4.0 is released! This release is to fix bugs and to integrate the latest version of the Flow feature in Zdoo,...