Subversion on ZenTao Cloud

2014-12-30 15:28:37
Last edited by John Ten on 2019-07-25 16:46:32
Summary :This article is about SVN online hosting via ZenTao Cloud.

Subversion has been integrated into ZenTao. You can maintain multiply repositories at the same time on your ZenTao site.

1.  Enable SVN feature

1.1 Go to "Console"->"SVN".

1.2 Enter admin username and password of SVN.

After click OPEN,  ZenTao will enable SVN in a minute. This account has all privileges of all repositories on the site.

1.3 Once enabled, you can add repositories, manage SVN users and set privileges.

1.4 You have to set privileges of users , and then they can use SVN.

For privilege management, please refer to

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