Custom Domain Name

2014-12-30 15:28:37
Last edited by John Ten on 2020-02-18 14:34:01
Summary : This article is to tell how to use ZenTao Cloud custom domain service.

ZenTao Cloud has customized domain names. All users can use their usernames or company domain as the second domain in ZenTao.  Read the instructions below.

Domain Name Resolution

Users have to direct the DNS of their domain to the IP or the secondary domain in ZenTao. For example, direct to

It is suggested that users use CNAME to direct your customized domain to the secondary domain purchased from ZenTao. It is in this way that the custom domain will be directed to a new IP automatically when the IP of ZenTao secondary domain changes. Therefore, a custom domain would not be affected if any changes to ZenTao IPs.

Backend Settings

Once the domain is resolved, users have to register their custom domains in ZenTao. The registration will be reviewed within one business day. Once it passes the review, the custom domain is ready for users.

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